The laws governing the SESC forum include;

  • Members must always act as ambassadors of Nigeria in order to enhance the image of Nigeria supporters and the Country at large.
  • Members must maintain ethical behavioral standards, and reject
    • Acts involving violence, intimidation, provocation, abuse or anti-social behavior.
    • The use of racist, homophobic, discriminatory, abusive or anti-social languages in any way. This includes posting such languages on any social media platform or on the SESC Forum.
    • Behaviors contrary to the standards of civility and respect towards the people, cultures, laws and property of host countries.
  • Nigerian football is valued around the world for its standards of passion and fair play. Therefore, members will enhance this reputation by showing respect for the game, the opposition players and fans.
  • Members must provide accurate information during application in order to prevent unpleasant future occurrences that may either lead to the suspension or cancellation of membership.
  • The rules guiding the game must be strictly adhered to at every point.
  • Ensure to restrain from any inappropriate character or activity that may result to your ejection or ban from National Stadium or any other football stadium. (These may include brawling, using abusive, homophobic or racist languages, doping, etc.)